The Groper Tinder

Date and location of meeting: July 2014, Tokyo

Back in July 2014, I was fresh out of a long term relationship and had taken a well-deserved vacation to Japan. The natural thing to do was get on Tinder and tinder up a storm looking for a holiday romance.

I matched with Groper Tinder on the first or second day that I arrived in Tokyo. We began chatting but didn’t make concrete plans to meet up until the last night of my trip. Groper Tinder lived in a suburb that was nearby Roppongi, and wanted to meet up at Feria, a nightclub in Roppongi that I had previously been to on my trip with Voyeur Tinder.

It was a little bit complicated trying to make plans to meet up for our last night as my friend didn’t want to come to Roppongi. Our hotel was in Shinjuku and she didn’t want to have a big night as we were flying home the next day, I didn’t want to go to Roppongi by myself, and Groper Tinder didn’t want to meet me in Shinjuku. With some convincing, my friend decided to come to Feria for a little while that evening. We caught one of the last trains there and then walked to Feria. Groper Tinder was at the bar on 3F and I recognised him straight away.

He looked exactly the same as his pictures and was at least a head taller than me even while I was wearing mile high Jeffrey Campbell shoes, which was a good thing. It might have been the fact that I had a few drinks in me already, but I felt comfortable around him straight away. We made small talk over the EDM music that was pumping loudly all around us. Groper Tinder worked at a major international bank and was Japanese but grew up in the US.

Groper Tinder bought my friend and I several shots at the bar before he took us to sit at a table with bottle service. There were lots of girls at the table and he didn’t introduce us to any of them, but my friend and I were able to to make friends with them and got sufficiently drunk due to one of the guys at the table force feeding us alcohol.

Prior to the incident which prompted me to name him as ‘Groper Tinder’ I had thought that he was one of the rare normal guys in Tinder on Japan. Unfortunately I was proved wrong. At one point in the night, I was lining up for the bathroom and felt someone pinch my butt.

Even in my drunken state, I could see that Groper Tinder had just walked past me, pretending like he hadn’t touched me inappropriately. I felt shocked by the audacity of it and also kept questioning if he had really done it (there couldn’t have been a bigger coincidence though).

Later that night we lost each other due to my drunken antics, but managed to meet back up again outside of the club as the sun was coming up. My friend was enamoured with Groper Tinder and couldn’t stop proclaiming how nice he was (little did she know). My friend and I were flying home to Sydney that day and our flight was in a couple of hours. She said she didn’t care about staying out all night anymore and was happy to go on the plane without sleep, so we were contemplating what we should do. Groper Tinder kept putting his arm around my shoulders and suggestively saying that we should go back to his place. I was happy to pretend I was a little interested in the idea in front of him, but really had no intention of it, and as soon as his back was turned, I whispered to my friend that we needed to go back to the hotel ASAP and she whisked us away in a cab.

6 months later, when I made an offhand remark about his groping tendencies via message, he neither denied nor confirmed it, but stated casually that he was really wasted. Alcohol is always a great excuse for touching women inappropriately.

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