3 Tinders at the same time and place

Date of meeting: February 2015

How exactly did I meet three Tinders at the same time and place? Three words: Tokyo Pub Crawl. I was in the third week of my Japan trip, and still hadn’t been to the infamous Tokyo Pub Crawl so it was on the agenda for one Saturday night. I had been chatting to a few people on Tinder and three of them had mentioned going to Tokyo Pub Crawl, so naturally I planned to meet all three of them there. I caught a train to Roppongi and met the first one, Army Tinder, at Legends Sports Bar in Roppongi. As soon as I met Army Tinder, I immediately knew that we wouldn’t be hooking up. For one thing, he was in the army. Another thing was that he was dressed in casual attire, and also wasn’t very tall. I probably sound full of myself, but these are just the reasons why I wasn’t attracted to him.

After meeting Army Tinder, he introduced me to his friend, who was also in the army, and we proceeded to Tokyo Pub Crawl. Army Tinder gave me a wristband for Tokyo Pub Crawl which functioned as an entry, so I didn’t have to pay. Army Tinder and Army Tinder’s friend were both from the US. At Tokyo Pub Crawl I spent the first hour drinking with them, until Tinder #2, Brazilian Tinder showed up.

From the pictures, Brazilian Tinder looked very cute, and I was very excited to meet him. Brazilian Tinder was 100% Japanese but grew up in Brazil, so he had a nice Spanish accent. I had been chatting to him for a day or two before He was very tall and attractive in person. I was standing at the bar next to Army Tinder when Brazilian Tinder walked over and introduced himself. I liked his Spanish accent and totally thought he was bangable. One of the first things that Brazilian Tinder said to me was ‘you’re even better looking than your pictures’. This got him 10 extra brownie points. Brazilian Tinder was not shy at all, and within 10 minutes of meeting he asked if he could kiss me, to which I agreed. This led to Brazilian Tinder and I making out while Army Tinder was still standing behind me.

We continued chatting for a bit after and somehow, Army Tinder and Brazilian Tinder introduced themselves at some point after that, which made for an all the more awkward situation. At one point in the night, Army Tinder said something in Spanish to Brazilian Tinder who then replied ‘are you talking about my sister? you better not be talking about my sister, because I’ll beat you up, I’m taller than you!’ I found this hilarious. I spent a good deal of time talking to and kissing Brazilian Tinder that night, and after some time had passed, Brazilian Tinder asked me if I wanted to come home with him, to which I said yes. However there was an incident later which changed this.

During the night, Brazilian Tinder asked me if I wanted a drink- of course I said yes, but as we were at the bar getting a drink, Brazilian Tinder said ‘you buy the next round.’ This was enough to turn me off in spite of his good looks, and I decided to distance myself from that point onwards. Soon after this, I saw Brazilian Tinder whisper something to Army Tinder, while Army Tinder looked at me disapprovingly. After this, Brazilian Tinder then said it was time for me to get him a drink. I felt dismayed but we went to the bar anyway. Luckily Army Tinder came and whisked me away and got me a drink instead. While I was getting a drink with Army Tinder, he asked me if I ‘liked the Brazilian guy’, to which I said nothing. When I didn’t respond, Army Tinder said ‘it seems like he just wants to lure you’. He then said he ‘actually cared about me’ and of course I didn’t believe this.

Shortly after this, Tinder #3, Hong Kong Tinder arrived. Hong Kong Tinder and I had chatted very briefly before deciding to meet at Tokyo Pub Crawl, and he came with a friend. I was pleased that he was tall and had an American accent (another one from international school). He came with an attractive friend of Indian/Middle Eastern/Spanish appearance with model good looks. I was talking to Hong Kong Tinder when he asked me who I came with, and I pointed at Army Tinder. Hong Kong Tinder then asked “is he from Tinder as well?” I didn’t feel like I could lie, so I said yes, which led to Hong Kong Tinder branding me as “bad”. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but Brazilian Tinder came over and Hong Kong Tinder and Army Tinder all managed to introduce themselves and also realised I had met the three of them from Tinder. Now Hong Kong Tinder’s first impression of me had changed from “bad” to “really bad” all in the short time span of 20 minutes. Brazilian Tinder had also thought I was shy, but his new thoughts about me was that I was “not shy at all”.

The three Tinders were getting along well, and Brazilian Tinder was making jokes about Hong Kong Tinder’s attractive friend, calling him a “sexy motherfucker” and saying he needed to get out because he was going to take all the women. Hong Kong Tinder and I continued chatting and he said he and his friend were doing an all nighter to come to the pub crawl. He also offered to let me stay at his place when I came to Hong Kong in future (lol). While walking to the next bar, Hong Kong Tinder made the observation that “everyone hates Americans” (probably due to our pub crawl being 90% American) and said he had only met 3 people from Tinder and asked how many I had met, to which I replied 24. Hong Kong Tinder looked either shocked or affronted by this, but said “oh well, I’m glad it’s not like 60”. Shortly after this, we moved to the next bar and Hong Kong Tinder and his friend left out of fear of the other pub crawlers (it was an extremely rowdy brunch) and messaged me asking if I would like to join him and his friend for a drink elsewhere. Instead, I went to go eat at an izakaya with Army Tinder and his friend.

While Army Tinder was in the toilet, Army Tinder’s friend turned to me and said “I’ll probably never see you again but you’re so gorgeous…” and so on. All the while, I was thinking I met your friend on Tinder. Brazilian Tinder messaged me saying he was going home, and that I was a very confusing person. After this, I went to the last bar of the evening for the pub crawl and then crept out without saying goodbye to Army Tinder or his friend, to go to English Student Tinder‘s house. Moral of the story: Don’t ditch two attractive Tinders who only have one night in Tokyo for a Tinder who lives in Tokyo. #regrets On a side note, Army Tinder’s friend and I are now friends are Facebook, and he is still messaging me till this day.

2 thoughts on “3 Tinders at the same time and place

  1. Amazing 😀 why are there so few comments. While tinder isnt my main way of getting to know women (i use other online dating apps) i met a couple of women via tinder and find it funny to see the other side of the story. I was really wondering about the casual attire thing though. If for example i go out in hipster berlin, i feel like going on a date in a suite would dramatically reduce my chances – in fact even a buttoned shirt may be seen as too much, and a white tee is more “berlin style”. is the suite a personal preference of u or is it japan related/a cultural preference?


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