The Return of Whiskey Tinder

Follow up meeting: July 2015 (initial meeting February 2015)

Despite the awkward ending of my first meeting with Whiskey Tinder, I didn’t stop thinking about sleeping with him again. He was undoubtedly, hands down, the best I have ever had.

As I do when I can’t stop thinking about someone from Tinder, I stalked his profile for months until one day in late April when I saw that his location was about 20-30 kms away, with a tagline that read In Sydney until Friday night. It was like that for two days, and it was burning me up inside to think that I could be having the best sex of my life (but I wasn’t). Finally, I plucked up the courage to message him on Friday night but unfortunately he was getting on a plane already and had only been in Sydney for a short business trip. However, he said that he would hit me up next time he came to Sydney. I also asked him if he was still going to be in Tokyo in July, to which he said it would be unlikely. I told him that would be a shame, and didn’t get a reply.

In June, I got a message from Whiskey Tinder (switched back to the Tinder app, while previously we had messaged on LINE). His new tagline now read ‘6″2 Eurasian’ (reminded me of our nationality chat prior to our first meeting, hilarious). He asked if I was still coming to Tokyo in July, and said that he would probably be there until August. I said yes and told him that I would contact him once I got back. I was pleased to see that he was also stalking my Tinder profile, and the day I got into Tokyo, I received a message from Whiskey Tinder (on Tinder) which said: I see you’ve made it in. I was surprised that he had messaged me because I had messaged him before flying out of Sydney, and Whiskey Tinder had said he would be going to Shanghai on Thursday so we weren’t supposed to meet up until the second week of my Tokyo trip. I replied, asking wasn’t he going to Shanghai soon, and he said Yep Thurs morning, what are you doing now? I said that I just got back to my apartment, and he asked where it was. I happened to be staying in Shirokane-Takanawa, and Whiskey Tinder said he used to live there, and asked if I wanted to come over for a quick drink. I was seriously contemplating it, but decided to refrain as I was tired that night, and told him to message me when he got back from Shanghai the next week.

I didn’t get a text when he came back, and my other prospective plans had fallen through, so I decided to text Whiskey Tinder to see if he was busy on the Friday of the second week of my trip. He said that he was having dinner and drinks with a buddy but could maybe meet after, or right at that time as he came home early from work. I said later was better, and to text me when he got home.

I was having drinks in Roppongi and was about to go home because my friend was feeling sick, and was coincidentally about to catch the subway back to our apartment from Azabu-Juban when Whiskey Tinder texted me at 12am saying he was home already. I caught the subway to Akasaka-Mitsuke and while walking to his apartment building, got hassled by a drunk Japanese salary man.

I buzzed in the number for Whiskey Tinder’s apartment at the entrance (feeling like a prostitute again) and heard him say: “Hello, come on up, as he buzzed me in through the intercom.

I came up to his apartment feeling a little shy and wondering if I had been too forward in texting him. When I got to his door, I knocked and he opened it promptly, looking just as gorgeous as I remembered him. I stepped in to his apartment and he said “well, give me a hug”.

We went to the living room, and he asked me what I would like to drink. He had two kinds of whiskey in the kitchen- Yamazaki and Chivas Regal (I picked the Japanese one of course) and we took our drinks and sat down on the sofa, not touching and just talking.

The apartment was just as I’d remembered it. There was soft music (Sam Smith) playing in the background like last time, and he had a suitcase and golf clubs in the corner. The television was on, and he’d been watching the stock exchange. It was very much the domain of a bachelor.

He asked how I had been, and I gave him a rundown of the past few months and he also gave me a rundown of his last few months. I told him that I had had a few interviews for jobs in Japan recently and his reply was: “Wow, so you really are dedicated to moving here. What made such an impression on you? Was it me?”

In my head I was thinking, either he’s joking or big headed. We continued talking a little bit more, Whiskey Tinder told me about his Tinder experiences after me, and I did the same. Whiskey Tinder said he’d finally be going back to Hong Kong in August and was hoping to settle down then, and also remarked upon how I always looked nervous when I came over. After about 45 minutes of talking and two drinks, Whiskey Tinder asked me: “And you? What do you want to do?” (Having sculled the two drinks, I don’t remember what the preceding statement was). I said: “What do you mean?”

Whiskey Tinder got up from the sofa and then said: “Well, if you want to hook up, I’m going to take a shower.” He then kissed me on the mouth before proceeding into the shower.

After Whiskey Tinder came out of the shower, he said that I could also take a shower if I wanted, and gave me a towel and a toothbrush. I took a quick shower as it was pretty late by this time (around 1:45am) and I wanted to get out early. I was drunk by this time, and when I came back into the living room, I remarked that he had more beauty products than I did (it was really an appalling amount of creams, eye serums, and god knows what else) and Whiskey Tinder made some excuse about having dated a girl who worked in the beauty industry.

After showering, he was less clothed than before was now wearing a singlet and shorts, whereas before he had been dressed in proper clothes. I sat back down on the sofa and then he leaned in and kissed me and began to take my clothes off slowly. I climbed on top of him while kissing him, and he managed to peel off all of my clothes and underwear by this point, and then very sensuously carried me into the bedroom with my legs wrapped around him. Might I add, it was the very first time anyone has ever carried me into a bedroom AND I loved it.

We engaged in a bit of foreplay. Whiskey Tinder is good at doing basically everything in bed. After he went down, I returned the favour enthusiastically.

WT has the biggest penis I’ve ever seen. Before him, I always said to myself that size didn’t matter. After him, I now realize that it makes a big difference. After I’d been sucking for a few minutes, I stopped and began to climb on top of him and asked if he could turn off the light. I take it he wasn’t happy with my request as I heard him mutter something about “sucking cock” which were the only two words I could hear. However, he complied with my request anyway, and we then got down to business.

I hadn’t slept with anyone since February, the last time I was in Japan, so it kind of hurt when he put it in. I noticed that he wasn’t as dominating as the last time and didn’t order me to turn around and instead said things like “I’m going to turn you around”. I’m not sure if I preferred this or not. Also, he didn’t slap my butt like the first time we did it. Again, not sure if I liked this. I think I preferred it the first time we had done it and being treated like a pornstar/prostitute.

This time, we mostly did it in missionary position alternating with me going on top. Like in February, he asked me during sex if “I liked it deep” to which I said yes. I was somewhat drunk so I’m sure I was more unreserved than last time and was able to enjoy myself completely. At one point, while we were doing it from behind, he fell out and put himself back in, but not in the right hole. Basically, we did anal for a bit, and I wasn’t sure if it was an accident because he didn’t pull out straight away. Needless to say, I was very sore the next day.

After he came first, we did it again until I finished. After we finished, I gave him a massage and then we lay there for a little while. I wouldn’t have minded doing it again, but he seemed to be drifting off. I asked WT if he was tired, to which he replied “yes” so I took the cue and went to the living room to put my clothes. WT followed me out and said “I didn’t mean to kick you out, you’re welcome to stay,” but I felt that this was a lie, due to his prior story about meeting another girl from Tinder and his admitting about wondering about how to get her out of his place after sex.

After we both put our clothes on, WT remarked how I left my umbrella at his place last time and gave it back to me. We were about to walk out of his apartment when WT asked if I hadn’t left anything else here, in a way that made me think he didn’t want me to. We walked down and he got a cab for me and kissed me on the cheek goodbye. When the cab started driving off, I looked out the window to see that he was giving me a sleazy look (if such a look exists, he gave me one). I felt extremely awkward by this and looked away as the cab drove off.


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