The Doctor

Date of meeting: September 2015

What I wore: Cream turtleneck and black pinafore

What he wore: Checkered blue button up shirt and something that resembled cowboy boots

After I had my heart trampled on by Musician Tinder, the natural response was for me to try (in vain) to delete Tinder. Of course, being on Tinder for a year had left me with some pretty deep rooted habits, which resulted in me just reinstalling and deleting the app. Due to this, I installed Happn as a way of weaning myself off of Tinder. Baby steps.

I started chatting with the Doctor after a few days, and we made plans to meet up on a Saturday night. The Doctor was Eurasian (half Chinese, half Australian) and a doctor, which would have been my dream, once upon a time.

The Doctor asked to meet me at Town Hall steps, where I used to meet Musician Tinder *tears. He was sitting on the steps railing, looking up at the sky in an unusual manner, when I arrived. Not off to a good start. When I came up and said hi, he jumped off the railing and revealed that he was as tall as me, or perhaps a little shorter. I may not have been able to hide the disappointment on my face. We walked to the Dumpling Festival in Darling Harbour, making uncomfortable small talk.

I began to feel really uncomfortable, when I asked The Doctor about where he lived and he replied “Newtown (or some other place in the inner west.) WHY?” in a suspicious manner. I wanted to say ‘I’m just making small talk. That’s the point of a date,’ but refrained. We lined up to get dumplings, the Doctor did not pay. After that, we sat in the harbour, ate and chatted. He seemed to be comfortable with silences and I found myself starting the conversation for most of the night. The Doctor and I talked a lot about our travels, and work. Overall, it was just an exchange of conversation- there was no spark or chemistry.

Having zero chemistry between us, I expected him to wrap up after we’d eaten, but after a long pause, he asked if I wanted to grab a drink in town. I was about to say no, until he suggested checking out Baxter Inn, which I had been wanting to go to for a long time.

And so off we went to Baxter Inn. We each had one drink there, which The Doctor picked up the bill for. Again, there were many lulls in the conversation and much discomfort on my part. The Doctor seemed to be enjoying the silences though. After our first drink, which I downed quickly, in the hopes of leaving early, he asked if I wanted another, to which I said no, hoping that he would take the hint. Instead, he then said “well, I’m going to get a drink.” He then persuaded me to have a cocktail instead, which I reluctantly agreed to. I downed this one quickly as well, and soon after that, we left. As we walked back to Town Hall, we discussed our transport routes home, and as he began walking off to get an Uber, he asked if he would see me again, to which I said ‘yes’ to, in a way that let him know that it would be never.

After that disastrous date, I was a bit drunk and hungry, so I decided to walk to Hot Star fried chicken for a drunk feed, when I bumped into an old Tinder date, who I chatted to awkwardly. I then caught the train home, alone and drunk, eating fried chicken and thinking that I had reached an all time low in my life.

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