The Photobooth Tinder

Date of initial meeting: November 2014 and consecutive dates until early January 2015

What I wore: various elegant clothing

What he wore: various ‘nice guy’ clothing (false advertising, he was not a nice guy)

I usually don’t swipe right to many Caucasians but when I saw Photobooth Tinder’s profile I thought he was too cute to pass up. His tagline also professed a liking for tequila so I thought we could also bond over this mutual interest. Soon after matching, a message popped up from him saying: What kind of hedonist are you? The kind that reclines while being fanned by servants who feed you grapes? 

I replied saying I was totally that kind of hedonist, and Photobooth Tinder replied saying that we should get together to satiate our hedonist desires, albeit with grapes from Woolworths. His witty messages and usage of perfect grammar won me over completely and I decided that I would meet him in future, despite being apprehensive of straying outside the safe choice of Asian men.

My first date with Photobooth Tinder was at Japanese Film Festival. I found him waiting at a cafe reading ‘The Great Railway Bazaar’. When I made my over to him, he looked up and said “Hi, I’m -“. We went grocery shopping for snacks before the movie, and I found it cute that he let me get everything I wanted and paid at the end. While we were waiting for the movie to begin, Photobooth Tinder whipped out a bottle of wine that he had bought and poured it for us. I was surprised by this- no one had ever bought a bottle of wine for a first date before, to drink at a cinema, no less. Shortly after that, Photobooth Tinder and I were about to head into the movie when we passed a photobooth and he asked if I wanted to go in, to which I said yes. I was just wrapping my head around the fact that I was in a photobooth with a near stranger, when he leaned and kissed me without warning.

After that, the pictures finished and we got out of the photobooth. I didn’t know how to feel at being kissed in a photobooth by someone I had just met, and said this to Photobooth Tinder when we got into the movie. His response was “now you’ve been assaulted by a drunk man in a photobooth…” I really had nothing to say to this, and because the movie was so terrible, Photobooth Tinder then asked if he could kiss me again, which led to a short makeout session in the movie.

After the movie, he walked me to my train. He was leaning in to kiss me, when I said I didn’t feel comfortable kissing in public. PT’s response was rude and loud “It doesn’t matter what these scumbags think.” I felt sorry for the people around us who had to hear that.

That night, he texted me when we got home and we made plans for another date. I told him that I was a little affronted by his sudden kiss, to which he said: I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. But when you see something you like, you go for it.

The next time I saw Photobooth Tinder, he met me in Chatswood and came with me to my dentist appointment. After the dentist, we had coffee and went for a stroll around Chatswood, and he kissed me in a lane way, which made me more uncomfortable then the photobooth incident. Of course, I’m all in favour for kissing attractive men, but I don’t like it when it’s done forcefully.

Our third date was planned to take place, at a Japanese Meetup., for those who don’t know, is a social website dedicated to meeting new people. I had signed up to a meetup for Japanophiles but never gone, so Photobooth Tinder suggested going together.

Photobooth Tinder showed up late to the meetup, and missed out on a seat for dinner, so he said he’d meet me at drinks after. When we were going for drinks, I was very much settled into the group already, and couldn’t care less if Photobooth Tinder came at all anymore.

When he did come, he was focused only on talking to me, and seemed annoyed that I was interested in meeting other people and making new friends (but that’s what I came for). In a short window when I wasn’t chatting to anyone, Photobooth Tinder said “you know, I only came here to spend time with you.”

He then proceeded to ask me how I felt about him, to which I said I wasn’t sure. I had been texting Foodie Tinder all night as well, and he seemed keen on getting a drink, and we had just made plans to meet at that point so I told Photobooth Tinder that another friend was coming, to which he said “You’re meeting another guy? Well, I guess I’m going home then.”

I said nothing but was glad on the inside. At this point, I had seen Foodie Tinder come up to the bar already and walk around looking for me (luckily he didn’t see me), and I took the opportunity to take the lift down with Photobooth Tinder. While we were in the lift, another man in the lift remarked something to us and PT said “we accompany each other to dentist appointments.” Just lol

When we arrived downstairs, PT kissed me passionately goodbye.

A few weeks after that, we both went overseas, and I didn’t see him again until mid January 2015.

Before our last date, PT had messaged me inviting me to stay overnight at his house with ‘no expectations, of course’. I had said no, with a grimacing emoji, to which he replied don’t mean to be presumptuous, just thought we could have a nice night in. Order some home delivery, talk about our respective trips, drink some G&Ts, watch some YouTube videos of old people falling over… Does that sound okay?

It did sound appealing, but strangely I had felt a diminishing attraction to PT. There was just something I didn’t like about the way he forcefully kissed me every time I saw him. I texted him two days after that saying that I probably wouldn’t sleep over, and he said that he wanted to catch up anyway.

I saw him for coffee the week after that in Strathfield. PT showed up with a little souvenir for me from his travels in Europe. I hadn’t brought him anything.

During my Thailand trip, I had also bumped into Voyeur Tinder and subsequently, come home with my head all mixed up. I couldn’t stop thinking about Voyeur Tinder and this all came out to PT. When I saw PT the last time, my attraction to him was completely gone. I told him that I wasn’t interested in sleeping with him and that we could just be friends. I had been attracted to PT at the beginning, but I couldn’t trust him, and couldn’t shake off the scumbags comment he had made after our first date. I think that’s what tainted everything.

Of course, this led to a very awkward goodbye and yet, he insisted on walking me to my car. He did not try to kiss me goodbye, but said awkwardly ‘well, stay in touch’ with both of us knowing that we wouldn’t.

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