The Housemates

Date and location of meeting: Yangon, January 2016

At the beginning of my Burma trip in December, I matched with several expats who all happened to live together and were having a house party in the first week of my trip, which they invited me to.

However, due to my parents being super strict for the majority of the trip, I didn’t get to attend their house party (much to my dismay). I got lucky in January when my parents decided to leave me to stay with a family friend for a few days who is much younger and hipper than them.

And this was how I ended up at the Housemate’s place in Yangon on a Friday night. The plan was pre-drinks at their place before heading to a party at The French Institute. My chaperone kindly dropped me off at their house but didn’t come in, which was fine by me.

One of the housemates met me outside and said hey. The first housemate I met was a 24 year old Eurasian from the US. He was the main one I’d been chatting to, and seemed like the friendliest out of the bunch. He was taller than I thought he would be (maybe about 6″0) not a hottie, but sort of cute, if moustaches are your thing (they aren’t mine).

We walked into the house and introduced me to his friends and other housemates, a bunch of expats from the US and UK. We were all sitting around chatting, when two other housemates that I had matched with walked in and sat on the sofa. Housemate #2, a blonde British boy remarked that I had matched with 60% of the household. Totally not awkward.

We began talking about how I had finally managed to ditch my parents and chaperone for the night, and Housemate #3 asked if my stepfather was a general. I replied saying that my grandfather had been one. Everyone was interested by this, and they asked which rank he was, to which I said ‘the highest ranking’. There was a bit of silence at this, and then someone joked that a word from my parents could help them with their problems with the police checking their visas. Shortly after that, Eurasian Housemate asked if anyone wanted to snort Ritalin- naturally I made a beeline for the door. We did a few lines, and while I was lining it up, someone took a picture and joked that they had something to blackmail me with now.

We didn’t stay at the house much longer before getting in a cab with the others and then heading to the party at the French Institute, on the way there I also took one more Ritalin pill. At the party was the most foreigners I had ever seen in Yangon gathered together. The night was a total blur from this point onwards and I have trouble piecing it together- from what I gather we got there at 11pm, and left at about 2am, and I remember bits and pieces, flashes here and there, talking to a lot of random people. At about 2am I got into another cab with my new friends and went to another expat’s apartment where we hung for 2 hours, chatting and snorting more Ritalin. Under the influence of Ritalin, I tend to do embarrassing things like clutch people’s arms, speak bad French to French musicians, and talk unabashedly about my dream of writing a novel.

Yup, never snorting Ritalin again.

Eurasian Housemate and I chatted while we were doing lines of Ritalin at the apartment. We chatted about our experiences in Myanmar amongst other things. He invited me back to their place for a little bit of a rest after. We left in a group and when we got back to their house I followed Eurasian Housemate into his room. It was about 4am by this time, and I was supposed to go home at 7am because my mother had said she would wake up and wait for me to come back. Eurasian Housemate instead convinced me to text her and say that I was sleeping in and would be home in the afternoon, which I did.

I hadn’t intended to hook up with Eurasian Housemate. When we got into his room, I was curled up on one side of the bed with all my clothes on, when he suggested that I take my clothes off because I would feel “more comfortable”. This sounded logical to me, so I did. After that, he suggested coming a bit closer to him. So we cuddled naked for a little bit, until I felt like having sex, at which point I put his hand in my underwear.

We made out for a bit and had sex, but when I tried to get on top, it wasn’t hard enough to go in, which led to me turning away in frustration (WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!) Eurasian Housemate said it was probably cause of the Ritalin and the weed, and then said “I’m sorry I can’t satisfy you”. We then came to the decision to sleep a little bit, and then have sex in the morning.

I must have fallen asleep, because next thing I knew, I had my leg draped over Eurasian Housemate and we were spooning. We chatted for a little bit. Due to the Ritalin comedown I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, except that I mentioned one night stands, and then Eurasian Housemate said “is this a one night stand? I’m not going to see you again?” I replied saying that we could hang again if he wanted to. Shortly after that, we had sex again- Eurasian Housemate said that my vagina was ‘insatiable’ or something like that (it really is). While we were having sex, I put his hand on my throat and he choked me lightly, which I liked. Overall, the sex wasn’t bad, but not the best, and we only did it for maybe 30 minutes, tops.

Afterwards, we stayed in bed for a little longer before getting up to go about our day. When we were getting ready to leave, he commented on how one of his housemates hadn’t come home yet, and wondered aloud if two of them had had a threesome with the girl whose apartment we were at last night. Like people have threesomes every day.

While we were in the cab going back to my place, Eurasian Housemate invited me to his plans later that day but unfortunately I couldn’t go out.

Later that day, I texted him saying thanks for last night, and he said thanks for being there. We plan on hanging again before my departure home.

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