The Best Looking Man on Tinder

Date and location of meeting: February, Sydney 2016

The search for the best looking man on Tinder is finally over. I’ve found him in Sydney (who’dve thought?) We matched and started chatting on the same day and made plans to meet up two days later in Bondi.

For once, I arrived early, and waited while drinking a glass of rosé, wrote in my notebook about Eurasian Housemate who I’d been missing. He showed up soon after, and I liked the way he completely disregarded the elderly couple sitting in front of me, and took one of their seats when one of the pair was standing. He was even better looking in person.

FYI the best looking man on Tinder is 46, Singaporean/Dutch, and works in film production. He looked more like he was in his 30’s, and had a voice which I liked the sound of. When he came in, he leaned in for a kiss on the cheek. I felt comfortable with him immediately. We went to sit outside soon after and then had a discussion that lasted two hours about the state of modern dating and our past relationships. BLMoT had a thing for much younger women. He said his last ex-girlfriend was 25, and that he had also dated a 22 year old when he was 36. We also got into some heavy territory considering it was a first date, with BLMoT discussing his childhood with his siblings being kidnapped by his father (I could not make this up). The only time that he showed his real age, was when I started talking about how my friends say I seem like Daria, and he didn’t know what I was talking about.

I felt natural and comfortable with him, and when we said goodbye, he kissed me on the cheek and I found myself hoping that I would see him again.

The next day, he texted me asking when we could go out again.

A week later, we met up in Surry Hills at a bar of my choice. Again, I felt natural and comfortable with him straight away, and we fell into a conversation that had no lulls or felt forced. We were having a discussion about beer when he asked if I wanted to try his. When I replied “yes”, he laughed and said he admired my naturalness but also said “I’m sure some people probably think you’re weird.”

We were getting along great during the evening, when at one point, he asked me if I was definitely moving to New York later this year. This made me balk, as it reminded me of Musician Tinder who kept asking me last year if I was definitely moving to Japan. I said I really wanted to, but I also wanted to get into a relationship soon and that might change things. (I really need to stop telling these people I’m moving overseas).

After we’d each had about two drinks, BLMoT asked if I wanted to grab dinner, so we got in his car and drove to a nearby Thai restaurant and had a late dinner.

After eating, we walked back to the car and BLMoT asked if I wanted him to drive me home. I said yes, if he didn’t mind but honestly, I was half expecting him to ask me to go back to his place. Before getting into the car, he pulled me into an embrace, and laughed.

I sat on tenterhooks all the way home, but he was a complete gentleman. When we got to my door, BLMoT smiled and said “slot me into your date day.” I said sure and thanked him for driving me home, and was sitting there looking at him waiting to see if he would lean in, but instead all he did was rub my shoulders. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.



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