The Aeronautical Engineer (the 20th Eurasian from Tinder)

Date and location of meeting: Sydney, April 2016

This one is special for more than one reason: 1) because he was the 20th Eurasian (I’m on a roll) I met from Tinder

2) because I had my eye on him for quite awhile

Aeronautical Engineer and I had matched on Tinder back in 2015, but never chatted. I had stalked him on every social media platform you can think of though, and once I began liking his Instagram photos, he promptly liked mine back and started following me. This was back in July 2015. He posted a few comments on my photos and hence, chatted back and forth a little bit, but nothing ever came of it.

Fast forward to March 2016, and Aeronautical Engineer came up on Tinder. I swiped right, we matched, and this time he messaged me. We sent each other a few messages back and forth before he added me on Facebook. I liked the presumptuousness of it. He would message me here and there, but didn’t ask me out until a month later. It was late on a Friday night when he messaged, maybe 10 or 11pm, and I was out drinking and excited that he finally asked me out, so I accepted (cancelling another date in the process) despite it being last minute.

Saturday night rolled around, and Aeronautical Engineer messaged me and said he’d aim to be at my place around 6pm. He arrived shortly after, and when I got in the car, he smiled and said it was nice to meet me, and I said the same. I was pleased to hear that he had a very nice international school accent, one that reminded me of Patrick Bateman Tinder.

AE was even better looking in person, and was half Hong Konger and British. There was no awkwardness and I felt comfortable around him straight away. He was funny to boot, and many a chuckle we shared over the long drive to the city. We got to the city, parked and walked to the restaurant. Instead of the restaurant he had chosen (he had picked Thai, since he had just came back from Thailand a week prior, and was missing it), we ended up going to one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Sydney. AE and I had been chatting about our jobs up until this point. He had come over to Sydney at the age of 19 and studied aeronautical engineering but now worked in product development and marketing. When we got to the restaurant though, AE suddenly changed the topic and began talking about Tinder experiences. He asked me about my food blog prior, which I gave him the address to, and he then asked how my “tinder adventures” were going. My food blog also has the word adventures in the URL, so this was a natural question to be asked I suppose, but it still worried me a little that he had found me out. I acted nonchalant though, and said they had been going well. AE said that he only recently stopped dating someone who he met from Tinder, and asked if I had dated anyone from Tinder (or something along those lines).

With that, we launched into a discussion about modern dating and Tinder, and how hard it is to meet someone from the Internet that matches up to your real life expectations. AE asked me then, somewhat out of the blue, if I had indefinite plans to stay in Sydney. I said that I might be moving to New York in 2017 if I wasn’t seriously dating anyone by the end of this year. AE looked at the table and said “I guess it would take a really special person for you to consider staying in Sydney.”

“Yes, very special,” I agreed. There was a silence after this, and either AE or I broke the silence with more questions about dating. AE said that he was intending to move to Singapore at some point later this year, and then his question made sense. He said his last relationship had ended because it was long distance and she didn’t have any plans to come back to Sydney, and he had no intention of moving to the US.

After finishing dinner, AE paid the bill, and we walked to get dessert at a nearby place. Again, he picked up the bill, which I liked, and due to the lack of seating, we sat on an unofficial seat outside and chatted for a long time about the environment, politics, science fiction- stuff we liked. I felt natural and comfortable with him, and also strongly attracted to him. After some time, we walked back to the car, chatting all the way, and talked all the way home too.

Our talk on the way home in the car was much more superficial, but two things stood out: AE asked me if I would move to either Singapore or Hong Kong. During the night he had said that he would consider moving to Hong Kong or Singapore, so to me, that meant he was seeing if I could be a potential partner. But then we got back to my place, and when he stopped the car, we looked at each other, and then he leaned forward and hugged me awkwardly and said “well, see you next time,” in a way that suggested he would never see me again. He also said just before we got to my place, that he hoped he would see me at City 2 Surf. City 2 Surf is a Sydney running event in AUGUST. We went out at the end of April. What kind of person says that to someone they want to date?

Anyway, I wondered what could have gone wrong when the date had been perfectly nice. I didn’t hear from AE again, but he continued to like all my food pictures on Facebook, but never messaged me.

Two weeks after our date, I heard from him. He asked to catch up this week, before he leaves for a short trip away. TBC


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