The Perfect Gentleman

Location and date of meeting: Sydney, June 2016

*Refers to title* such a thing doesn’t exist right? Well, I was wrong.

I matched with The Perfect Gentleman in June, and he gave me a fairly standard greeting: “Hey there- pleased to meet you.”I assumed he was being sarcastic (but later on realised this is actually how he speaks), so I responded generically also. We exchanged a few messages back and forth before I got bored and stopped replying. Not long had passed, when Perfect Gentleman double messaged: “Hey, you should talk to me more. I like you.”

I found this utterly adorable, and started messaging him again. The next morning, I woke up to see that he had found me on Facebook, and we messaged each other back and forth a bit. That day was a Monday, and as I was heading to the gym on my lunch break, Perfect Gentleman asked me whereabouts in the city I worked. I said I worked near Martin Place, and he said he worked in Chifley Tower. This ended up being a serendipitous coincidence, as I work right next to Chifley Tower. Perfect Gentleman then asked if I wanted to go for a quick walk with him, but I couldn’t skip the gym, so we made plans to meet up on Tuesday night instead.

We exchanged back and forth messages all that afternoon and also leading up to night, when he messaged me saying he had a “surprise” for me, and would tell me about it on Tuesday morning. PG said it would only take five minutes, so of course I went to bed curious about what kind of surprise would only take five minutes. The next morning he sent me a good morning message, and I asked what the surprise was. PG said he was going to bring me coffee as I had been tired on Monday. I got in to work a little earlier than him, and as he got in after me, he messaged me when he was downstairs in my building.

I spotted him immediately once I came down. He was dressed in a suit, and had beautiful naturally tousled dark brown hair that I wanted to run my fingers through, and hazel eyes that crinkled in the corners as he gazed at me. He was so charming and handsome that I lost my nerve and as he handed me my coffee, all I could say was thanks, and make small talk about our respective office buildings as I looked up at him adoringly. We only chatted briefly for about five minutes or so, before we both went back to work. Shortly after I messaged him saying thanks for the coffee, and he asked if I was still up for dinner that night. Of course, I said yes. I was convinced I had met my future husband.

That night, he finished work around 5:45pm and met me in Martin Place. When he greeted me, he said I had a mischievous expression on my face, to which I said, I always had one on my face. PG asked what I’d like to have for dinner, and I said, I didn’t mind, and he said he could go “anywhere I liked”. I asked him where he’d like to go, and he said he felt like ramen, so I took him to Menya for dinner. PG ordered for us, and paid the bill. He was like a classic, old school gentleman, opening doors and pulling out chairs for me. We did the usual first date chit chat over dinner, and I found myself liking him more and more. PG was 28, and worked as an analyst in capital markets, but before that he had been a university teacher. Despite being 28, he had the face of an early 20 year old with a gorgeous boyish charm and a dazzling smile. He was the quintessential Prince Charming.

After we’d finished eating, we sat there chatting a little bit more, until I put on my coat, and PG asked if I wanted to get out of there. We walked out of Menya, and then as we walked, he asked if I wanted to get a drink somewhere. I suggested Baxter Inn, and off we went. PG always walked on the side of traffic, “so a car would hit him first”, he said, which was another one of the endearing things he did throughout the evening.

When we got to the bar, PG would always go to the bar and order, and leave me at the table. There was a candle at the table, which I used to warm my hands. When PG got back, he asked if I was cold, and grasped one of my hands to warm it up. Literally everything he did was adorable.

We had three drinks at Baxter Inn (three and a half for me, because I didn’t like one, and PG said not to finish it if I didn’t like it), before we decided to call it a night. During the night, we had discussed our favourite movies, and PG said Inherent Vice was one of his favourite movies. I said I’d like to watch it, and PG said he would bring it for me next time. We left the bar shortly after, and we chatted on the train platform. Our trains got in at about the same time, and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and told me to message him when I got home.

He messaged me before I even got home, saying he’d had fun and we should do it again. We chatted a little bit back and forth before I went to bed that night. The next day and the day after, he sent me good morning messages as usual, and asked if I wanted to grab an afternoon coffee on Thursday. That day, I wasn’t at work and told him so, in addition to lamenting the lost opportunity to see him again. The next day, I didn’t get a good morning text from him.

The following week, I was walking across the street to go to the gym on my lunch break, when I heard someone say “hey”. I turned around and saw PG, who was getting takeaway lunch from a cafe across the street from my office. He asked where I was going, and if I had had lunch, and I replied that I had, and that I was going to the gym. He said he would walk me to the corner, and we chatted pleasantly until then. He told me he had been busy at work, but would message me. I didn’t hear from him again.


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