The Married Couple

Date and location of meeting: New York, April/May 2017

I was going home in an Uber with the smell of pussy on my fingers, on a Tuesday night. I had just experienced my first threesome, with an older married couple.

I first matched with the married couple when I just arrived in New York in April 2017. The husband was a 42 year old, attractive South African Jew, while the wife was a 39 year old, petite, Taiwanese woman. The pictures on their dating profile were 100% of the husband, though after we matched, he sent me pictures of his wife.

While chatting on the app, J and I clearly communicated what they/I were looking for. He made clear that they were solely looking to meet up in group settings, and were not polyamorous, though they had casual fun together with other singles and couples, but only together. This was fine with me, and we scheduled a morning coffee date for the following week.

They asked me to meet them at a coffee/craft beer place in the East 60s in Manhattan on a Saturday morning. I got there slightly later than they did, and found them sitting in a back area, sipping coffee and tea. The husband was tall, tanned, muscular and athletic, while the wife was just as described- Asian, petite and beautiful. They were charming, funny, great conversationalists, and warm. I found them extremely charismatic and saw myself hooking up with them. During the course of our meeting, we chatted about ourselves and our backgrounds, and my move to New York.

After an hour, I had to leave, but they hugged me as we said goodbye, and said to let them know if I wanted to meet again to ‘play’. I texted them shortly after and told them I’d had a great time, and that I’d love to see them again.

We planned a play date for early May.

On the day, I came over to their apartment. The husband opened the door and kissed me on the cheek. Shortly after, his wife entered the living room, and we all sat down on the sofa and talked. The conversation flowed, and they also brought out a plate of nibbles for me to snack on. We discussed previous sexual experiences, and the wife said she’d been nervous in every instance, and was even nervous in this instance.

After about an hour of talking, the husband asked if I wanted to proceed to the bedroom, and I assented. We went inside, and his wife left us alone for a little while. He perched on the bed, with his legs spread, and me in between them, and kissed me. He had a perfect, muscular body, and I was very attracted to him. He told me to let him know if I felt nervous or uncomfortable at any point, and no longer wanted to proceed. After telling him I felt fine, he proceeded to take off my clothes, and proclaimed that I was gorgeous after seeing me completely naked.

After getting me undressed, his wife entered the bedroom, completely naked, but for some lacy underwear, and got next to us on the bed. She lay down next to us, and watched us kissing, and soon after, I directed my attention to her. I got on top of her, and began kissing her gently, while putting my fingers inside her. It was my first experience being with a woman, and doing anything more than kissing.

After fingering her for a few minutes, I began to eat her out, but honestly, had trouble finding the clitoris, and continued licking the front of her vagina with my tongue, only in the hopes that I was getting the right spot. While I was pleasuring his wife, the husband stood behind us, jacking himself off.

Soon after, he came back on to the bed, and asked to give him a blowjob at the same time, and after that, he began to have sex with me. He had a gorgeous body, and thick, good sized penis. While we were fucking, his wife lay next to us and pleasured herself with a vibrator.

After I came after having sex with the husband, he then swapped to his wife, and then came while inside her. After we all finished, we all kissed one another, and then entered stages of semi-dress. They welcomed me to stay for a little while, and have some ice cream, but I declined, and they got me a car home. When the wife walked out of the room to give us privacy, her husband kissed me and said he’d had a great time, and that he hoped to see me again, but would understand if it was ‘one and done’.

I texted them when I got home and told them I would love to see them again in future, and we planned another play date in a fortnight.


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